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The Pandemic and the Gig Economy

Covid-19 Pandemic and the Gig Economy

If there is one thing the Covid-19 Pandemic did was upend our domestic and global economy forever changing it. People with previously stable jobs found themselves in one of two situations:

  • Underemployed

  • Unemployed

The underemployed found themselves working less and, as a result, earning less. The unemployed found themselves with no income whatsoever.

This is where the massive economic shift that had begun earlier in the decade accelerated.

People found themselves in a position to get creative to fill the income gap that their stable job once provided. Enter the Gig Economy!

During the Covid-19 Pandemic alone, 23 million people joined the Gig Economy to find new ways to support themselves, many out of necessity. In the process, 75% of those individuals found economic stability during the pandemic because of their Gig Work, according to DaVinci Payments.

The shift is permanent. As many employers struggle to find employees in this economy, many more employees are resigning, creating a huge employment gap. Employees want more pay and more flexibility, which traditional jobs are often unable to offer.

Many more Americans have discovered they can get that pay and flexibility by going out on their own and starting their own business. Are you one of those people?

How are you going to participate in the Gig Economy?

Visit us at to find out how you can market your Gig Business for free and sign on to be a founding member!

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