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What is a Gig Worker anyway?

Nearal here!

Our tag line is Gig Workers Near Me!

The question has popped up several times... What is a Gig Worker? Some have immediately thought it had to do with computers and gigabytes. Well others thought it may have to be with social media.

The answer is interesting and much bigger than you think.

Definition of gig worker

gig work consists of income-earning activities outside of standard, long-term employer-employee relationships per

A Gig Worker is quite simply anyone, I mean ANYONE, who has a side Gig! It can be a Network Marketer, a Real Estate Agent, your nephew who walks dogs, a plumber whom is starting their own business, your daughter who babysits, a neighbor who makes jewelry, the list goes on and on!

A Gig Worker is simply one who is stepping out and paving a new path. They are needing to make extra money to save up for a new baby. They are seeing if the special skill they have can make them a living. They are a young kid saving up for their future car.

You know plenty of Gig Workers already! They are honestly everywhere. They are all around us and we don't even know them. We really don't have any way of finding them until now.

Now with Nearal you are able to look up Gig Workers near you. You are able to filter through different workers from all walks of life in your local community.

Hiring in your local area strengthens the community. It builds bonds and ties humans together. In the end it builds relationships.

Nearal brings "Word of Mouth" to the life with a simple app. Just a few simple clicks and you are able to find just who you are looking for! You are able to to find the Gig Worker you need.

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