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Remote work is here to Stay!

Remote work is definitely here to stay. The pandemic presented us with what most of us wanted, a chance to work from home full time. So now we have it and we don't want to give it back!

Employers are now left with there own dilemma.... Do we go back to what it has always been or do we figure out this work from home idea?

With the work force getting more and more competitive Employers have there work cut out from them.

"In a recent study conducted by Upwork of more than 1,000 workforce hiring decision-makers, over half of the younger generation decision-makers — millennial and Gen Z managers and directors — say that talent scarcity and finding employees with the required skills is their biggest challenge. As hiring becomes increasingly difficult and competitive, companies must adapt and be more open to the idea of hiring a remote workforce."

The word is out! Companies need to adapt. Working from home has become the fringe benefit that a lot of people are looking for.

Work life Balance is what most are really looking for. The thought of sitting in traffic commuting for hours every day just seems wasteful.

This open door is making way for freelance workers and gig workers. With this Office of the Future more and more employers are looking to hire the free lancers and gig workers at double the rate of previous generations!

The landscape of business is changing! Will you be a part of that change?

Nearal is here to help you get started!

As we get ready to launch our new mobile app, join us in this great adventure! Nearal is a one-stop app that allows you to bring your products or services to your local community. The Nearal app operates like a social media app, giving Gig Workers the ability to easily market by adding images, descriptions, location, stories, reels, and pricing of their services, all in an easy-to-use place.

Want to be one of the first to sign on to Nearal? Then subscribe today to join us in being part of this titanic shift in the U.S. economy!

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